Yoga and Science: Meditation In The Real World

Do you feel victimized by your own anger or perfectionistic expectations?  Would you like a practical way to feel peace and gratitude?  Listen as Ann Swanson explains mindfulness practices of meditation and how to send messages of “May you be safe; may you be healthy; may you be happy” to yourself and others. Ann’s…

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Blair Abee: How Meditation Saved His Sanity

Blair was fired from a 25-year job after whistleblowing against an abusive situation.  After losing his job, income, and identity in one fell swoop, he relied on yoga and meditation to restore his peace, strength, and hope. Benefits of Meditation The Meditation Book The Mindfulness Book The Manifestation Book Check out this episode!

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Troy Hadeed: A Yoga Expert’s View on Christ, Religion, and Divine Connection

Have you struggled with different views on Christ, religion, and spirituality?  Do you hold some resentment for “church hurt” or wonder why you’ve struggled with forgiveness?  In this episode Troy Hadeed shares his wonderful insights including his poignant question re dysfunctional relationships:  WHAT is being loved?

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