Month: June 2024

Woman and Worth: The Map

How is it that women do so much for so many and yet struggle to find their worth?  It should be so easy and yet we alway seem to feel as if we’re not enough.  Not kind enough….not thin enough…not disciplined enough…Listen as January Donovan lays out a map to self-worth! January’s website! January’s book:…

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Triumph Over Abuse: A Cerebral Palsy Journey

Win Charles describes her traumatic journey of being born with cerebral palsy, her mother’s death, her father’s death, experiencing abuse from family members, then rising to compete in an IronMan Triathlon and provide motivational presentations. Win’s website Win’s book Check out this episode!

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Strippers, Christmas Trees, and God

Do you have skepticism regarding religion or spirituality?  Have you ever wanted to believe but didn’t want to be fooled by exaggerations and misdirection?  Listen to Rev. Dr. David Chotka’s life journey from decorating Christmas trees at the strip club to becoming a pastor. Check out this episode!

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