Month: May 2023

Troy Hadeed: A Yoga Expert’s View on Christ, Religion, and Divine Connection

Have you struggled with different views on Christ, religion, and spirituality?  Do you hold some resentment for “church hurt” or wonder why you’ve struggled with forgiveness?  In this episode Troy Hadeed shares his wonderful insights including his poignant question re dysfunctional relationships:  WHAT is being loved?

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From Child Abuse, Drug Trafficking, and Decades In Prison to Being On Fire For Christ: Interview With Steven Snook (Part 2 of 2)

Steven was the second child born to a 15 yr-old mother who put her children on the side of the road and called the police to take them.  Thus began a spiral of child abuse, drug abuse, drug trafficking, and decades in prison before Steven gave his life to Christ and turned everything around.  This…

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