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People-Pleasing and the Sticky Rope

Are you caught in a trap of needing to please others to gain acceptance and approval?  This episode may liberate you from that cycle by helping you set healthier...

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When Your Loved One Is Mentally Ill

Do you feel lost in how to interact with a mentally ill loved one?  This episode may give you insight, understanding, and coping skills as you navigate that relationship....

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What Is This “God” Thing, Anyway?

Have you ever felt cynical about religion, irritated with church-goers, or confused about faith?  In this episode, the podcaster shares her experience.   Life Issues, Randy Pope, 1994 Check...

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The Intra-Family Feud

Have you ever considered trying something new only to be undermined at every step by nagging, critical voices in your mind?  This episode may help you learn about your...

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Pink Elephants In the Room – the High Cost of Avoidance

Are you burdened by issues you can’t or won’t face?  Have you been avoiding your own feelings?  This episode may help you understand the high cost of avoidance. Check...

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My Anxiety Is Eating Me Alive!

Are you caught in a web of “What Ifs?”  Then this episode may help you detach from needless fear and anxiety. Check out this episode!

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Weathering the Storm: Resiliency, Grit, and Antifragility

How to manage stress and become stronger in the process.   The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted by Anthony DeStefano “Grit” coined by Angela Duckworth “Antifragility”...

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Getting Pulled Into the Past: Our Shame Response and the Impact of Unprocessed Trauma

This episode focuses on the power of unprocessed trauma to pull us into the past via triggers which hijack our emotional reactions. Check out this episode!

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Seeds, Weeds, and Soil: How to Grow Good Things in Your Life

Does your life seem stuck in a rut?  This episode focuses on why that may be and ways to promote healthy growth. Check out this episode!

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Accepting Ourselves, Inside and Out

Reflections on aging, body shaming, and learning how to accept our whole self Check out this episode!

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Anxiety at Work

Are you overwhelmed at work?  This episode focuses on some helpful coping strategies. Check out this episode!

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Patreon Polka

A mini info-episode describing my new Patreon page and why I chose to make it. Check out this episode!

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Shampoo Lather and Staying in the “Now”

Do you find yourself rolling around in the past or grinding about the future?  This episode focuses on why we do that, why it isn’t helpful, and how to...

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What Does It Take To Be “Enough”?

Are you tired of struggling to be “enough?”  Is it even possible to be “enough?”  This episode examines the concept of “Being Enough.” Check out this episode!

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Manifestos, Applecarts, and Fear, Oh My!

What are your beliefs?  Are you afraid to take a stand because you feel like a rabbit surrounded by wolves?  This episode investigates the dynamic and boundaries of people-pleasing...

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Pepperonis and Peace

Do your shoulders feel like concrete?  Are your RPMs sky-high even though you’re in park?  Have you lost all hope of being anything other than one big tension ball? ...

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George Floyd Is One of Us

How to make a lasting improvement not only in race relations but in accepting and loving those different from us.   References:  “First They Came For the Jews” by...

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Episode 9: COVID-19, The Sequel

This episode provides some conversation about how we might go about dealing with this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out this episode!

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If you’re so over this shelter-in-place mandate and about to lose it, here are a few suggestions that may ease your mind.  

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Candid Shot 2: COVID 19

We’re all gonna be 100 lb overweight alcoholics when this is done!

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Episode 7: Bermuda Triangle

Is there someone in your life who short-circuits your control panel and makes you feel lost and disoriented? Learn some possible ways to find your way home.

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Episode 6: The Blame Game

Tired of other people blaming you for their mess? Are you ready to stop blaming others for yours? Find out how to move forward and get healthy.

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Episode 5: Beliefs and Pain

Are your beliefs causing you to make poor choices and experience pain? Learn how to understand and challenge those beliefs.

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Episode 4: Kids Driving The Car

Are you being dominated by your feelings?  Learn how to manage them better.

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Episode 3: I Have to Mow My Own Yard!

Are you ignoring your feelings? Learn how to be responsible for your feelings.

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Episode 2: What are Boundaries Anyway?

What are emotional boundaries? What are sexual boundaries? Learn about 6 types of boundary violations.

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Episode 1: You’re in my Yard!

Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are drowning? Maybe you have a boundary issue.

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Behind the Mic

There is more to me than being a psychotherapist or a Boundaries class instructor.  I have been successful at both of these endeavors and enjoyed them thoroughly but I sometimes feel like a flamethrower being housed neatly in its box on a polished shelf.  I have become weary of behaving nicely and following all the “rules.”  Those who are close to me know I’ve never claimed to be nice.  I created this podcast as a platform to cut loose, make my own rules, say what I want, and hopefully find a few others with similar experiences.  If you are offended by what I say, follow someone else’s podcast.  For everyone else, enter at your own risk. 

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“Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”

–as excerpted from Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile

An example of antifragility is the Hydra, a Greek mythological creature who grows two heads when one is severed. When attacked, it becomes stronger.

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