Agape Garcia and Post Traumatic Growth: Triumph Over Domestic Violence

Have you or someone you know been victimized by domestic violence?  Are you scared and feel alone?  Check out this episode!   Check out this episode!

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Victory Over Quadruple Amputation: Interview with Wendy Wallace

Have you ever thought you couldn’t go on?  Did you feel so overwhelmed you saw no way out?  Listen to this episode and how Wendy persevered after having both hands and feet amputated.   Check out this episode!

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Turning Adversity Into Victory: An Interview with Klyn Elsbury

Do you feel as if you can’t win, that the cards are stacked so high against you there isn’t reason to keep going?  Klyn’s story may help you gain strength, resilience, and stubborn courage to forge ahead into victory.   I AM – The Untold Story of Success, by Klyn Elsbury Unstuck Yourself, by Klyn…

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