From Drug Dealer to “Good” Man: The Transformation

Nico Lagan shares his transformational journey from being an addict and drug dealer with no healthy male role models to living a life of faith while being a fearless champion of strong men.  He addresses toxic masculinity and what traits make a “good” man and why. Check out this episode!

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Transformation and Spiritual Alignment: Interview with Harmony Kwiker

Do you mentally berate yourself?  Does your body feel burdened by anxiety and fear?  Would you like to emerge anew?  This episode may help! Reveal:  Embody the True Self Beyond Trauma and Conditioning by Harmony Kwiker Check out this episode!

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Transforming body, mind, and spirit: Interview with Jennifer Pilates

Have you experienced trauma?  Do you feel it is holding your body, mind, or spirit hostage?  This episode may help! Check out this episode!

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