From Suicide Plans to 20 Years as Tony Robbins’ Firewalk Captain: Dave Albin’s Amazing Journey

Have you ever thought you weren’t going to make it, that you didn’t have it in you anymore?  Have you been beaten down by life and your own choices?  Listen to Dave Albin’s honest, transparent, and genuine account of how he went from planning his own death to going on a Tony Robbins’ firewalk then…

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“You’re Not Alone” Interview Series: Heather Hutchison’s journey through blindness, depression, and suicidal plans and how music became her safe haven

Listen to Heather describe her experiences of using music as safety from the negative reactions to her blindness, her lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression which culminated in inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, and her transformation into a light for others.   Holding On by Letting Go, by Heather Hutchison “Where the Ocean Meets the Sand” –…

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“You’re Not Alone” Interview Series: When a Loved One Commits Suicide

Listen to my guest, Erika, tell her story of surviving her husband’s suicide.     Life After Suicide:  The Survivor’s Grief Experience by Terence Barrett, PhD Suicide – Finding Courage, Comfort, and Community After Unthinkable Loss by Jennifer Ashton, MD No Time to Say Goodbye by Carla Fine Check out this episode!

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