Troy Hadeed: A Yoga Expert’s View on Christ, Religion, and Divine Connection

Have you struggled with different views on Christ, religion, and spirituality?  Do you hold some resentment for “church hurt” or wonder why you’ve struggled with forgiveness?  In this episode Troy Hadeed shares his wonderful insights including his poignant question re dysfunctional relationships:  WHAT is being loved?

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“You’re Not Alone’ Interview Series: Rodolfo DeAngeli

Rodolfo describes his life-long journey from abandonment, prison-time, homelessness, and suicidal plans to understanding, forgiveness, and peace. Rodolfo’s podcast Life Artists Radio Check out this episode!

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The Jungle of Forgiveness and Boundaries – Can They Co-Exist?

Is there someone in your life who wants forgiveness (or you want to forgive) but continues to treat you abusively?  This episode may help you navigate that jungle.   Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend Bible (Matthew 18:21-35) Check out this episode!

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