God’s Voice In Your Life: Interview with Margaret Agard

Do you ever feel lost as if your life has little meaning or direction?  Have you wondered if it’s possible to be more connected with the presence of God?  This episode may help!

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“You’re Not Alone” Interview Series: When a Loved One Commits Suicide

Listen to my guest, Erika, tell her story of surviving her husband’s suicide.     Life After Suicide:  The Survivor’s Grief Experience by Terence Barrett, PhD Suicide – Finding Courage, Comfort, and Community After Unthinkable Loss by Jennifer Ashton, MD No Time to Say Goodbye by Carla Fine Check out this episode!

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Surviving Gaslighters and Manipulators

Are you in a maddening relationship you dream of escaping?  Do you frequently second-guess yourself and feel that you may be going crazy?  This episode may help you find your way back to peace and emotional safety.       Charlene Dargay quote from re gaslighting 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting from Check…

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