About Me

The Story Behind My Podcast

Dana Skaggs

Show Host

There is more to me than being a psychotherapist or a Boundaries class instructor. I have been successful at both of these endeavors and enjoyed them thoroughly but I sometimes feel like a flamethrower being housed neatly in its box on a polished shelf.  I have become weary of behaving nicely and following all the “rules.”  Those who are close to me know I’ve never claimed to be nice.  I created this podcast as a platform to cut loose, make my own rules, say what I want, and hopefully find a few others with similar experiences.  If you are offended by what I say, follow someone else’s podcast.  For everyone else, enter at your own risk.  

Personal Tidbits

1) I would rather chew my own face off than have to follow a slow driver.

2) I have no idea why females collect shoes and purses. I want a purse that I can use all year regardless of season, style, or shoe color.

3) I wish them the best but I have no interest in the Kardashians.

4) I have only had one pedicure in my life and it was a gift from my daughter for Mother’s Day.  I would like to be able to paint my nails and have it last 6 months while matching everything I wear.

5) My favorite color is black; not sure exactly what that says about me but it’s probably not good.

6) I have been told I scare people and that I’m “mean.”  I’m probably a bitch and I don’t really care.

7) One of my favorite things to do is give $20 to the drive-thru cashier and ask her to pay for someone’s meal, whoever she thinks could use a boost.

8) I am a Christian and I imagine God shaking his head at me while thinking, “Girl, what am I going to do with you?”

9) I can sit in silence for long periods of time much to the chagrin of my more extroverted friends.

10) When I get bored I act like a 3-yr old child.  I struggle mightily not to fidget and roll my eyes and have been known to leave the room, walk hallways, read bulletin boards, splash cold water on my face, and pray I won’t develop Tourette’s when I re-enter the room.